Competition:  Shock Tavern Foursomes over 2 rounds.  Presented by Capt Brougham-Glasier in 1932.

                                    Dates 25th October and 1st November 2020                                              

Format: Stableford  (NC)                 Tees: Yellow


Starter: Robin Plummer

Last week's Shock Tavern Rd 1 Results as follows

Colin W & Rob P                    38pts

Paul W & Ray D                     37pts

Roy J & David G                    34pts

Tony D and Chris B                31pts

Paul R & Paul N                     29pts

Derrick S & John C                 29pts

Ian C & Phil W                       27pts

Gary R & Rob C                     26pts

Andrew C & Mick W               25pts

Tink T & Tim McC                  18pts

Next weeks' Competition 1st Nov:- Shock Tavern Rd 2 Foursomes. Pair of silver tankards presented in 1932 by Capt Brougham-Glasier.


Current Holders: Andrew Cruickshank and Phil Wheeler