COVID19 Symptoms & Self Isolation

Please do not access any area within the bounds of the clubhouse, if you or your family bubble;

  • Are displaying any COVID19 symptoms. (new continuous cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell) Act quickly – book a test immediately.

  • Are waiting on test results for COVID19.

  • Have been advised tested positive for COVID19

  • Have been asked to self-isolate for up to 10 days

  • Have recently returned from a country that the government requires you to quarantine for 10 days

  • The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Golf – of which England Golf is a member – has issued the following statement as of 19th December addressing issues of play, retail, coaching and travel:

  • “The APPGG is happy to confirm that golf courses will be able to remain open when the new Tier 4 restrictions become effective in parts of England from 06:00 GMT on Sunday 20th December.

  • “In Tier 4 areas, golf courses can remain open for individuals playing with members of their own household or support bubble, or with one person from another household.

  • “As usual, social distancing is to be observed and all necessary steps are to be taken to ensure a COVID-19 secure environment.

  • “Under Tier 4 restrictions, non-essential retail – including Pro Shops and golf retailers – must close. Click and Collect will, however, be permitted.

  • “Outdoor coaching will be allowed on an individual basis or for multiple members of the same household or support bubble. Indoor coaching will be not be permitted.

  • “There are exceptions for indoor disability sport, sport for educational purposes, and supervised sport and physical activity for under-18s, which can take place with larger groups mixing.

  • “Custom fitting can take place outside on a one-to-one basis but is not permitted indoors.

  • “Some golf ranges can be classified as indoor settings, but it would be for each facility to read and interpret the guidelines against their own venue – it is suggested that if confirmation is required they contact their local authority who will be best placed to advise.

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Straight down the middle, It went straight down the middle
Then it started to hook just a wee, wee bit, That's when my caddie lost sight of it
That little white pellet has never been found to this day, 
But it went straight down the middle like they say


Whack down the fairway, It went smack down the fairway, Then it started to slice just a smidge off line
It headed for two then it bounced off nine, My caddie says long as you're still in the state you're okay
Yes it went straight down the middle quite a ways


The sun was never brighter, The greens were never greener
And I was never keener to play, I heard it came down the middle, It went zing down the middle
Oh the life of a golfer is not all gloom, There's always the lies in the locker room
And I'm in my glory when wrapped in a towel I say, That it went straight down the middle today


Oh the life of a golfer is not all gloom, Though they should charge just for listening in the locker room
But I'm in my glory when wrapped in a towel I say
That it went straight down the middle, Where it wound up is a riddle, But it went straight down the middle far away